Mt. Salad

by Mt. Salad

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Good source of nutrients


released October 5, 2016

Music and lyrics by ya boi

Album artwork by the infamous Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm:



all rights reserved


Mt. Salad Cambridge, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Potato Farm
My father
Runs a potato farm
He is very successful
They are good potatoes

Fry em' up dad!
I'm getting hungry
And don't forget
To cut em' extra thick (Mmmmhmmmm) (all right!)

I want your beets in my mouth
Track Name: Matthew
Oh Matthew I'm not the man you knew
No, I've changed
My hair is longer now,
And I don't love you anymore

I still think about
The days we spent together
I still remember your smell
I still remember you

But I don't love you
Track Name: Rice Boi
Rice Boi,
Why are you
Cooking up so much trouble
These days?

This is not how we raised you
This is not who you were supposed to be
Rice Boiiiiii
My Rice Boiiiiii

I look at the old photos and I cry
(You were such a good grain)
Rice Boiiii
Rice Booiiiii
My little Rice Boiii
I miss your starch
I miss your starch
Track Name: Female Car Salesman
Hey sister!
That's a nice lookin' car
How much for it? (ohhhh)

Female car salesman
Look me in the eye
I wanna buy your shit
Don't rip me off (ooohhh)

Female car salesman
Don't rip me off
I'm a savvy buyer and I know my stuff!
Track Name: Smile
I saw you by the toaster
Cooking up bagels in your head

And I like the way you
I like the way you smile

I saw you by the oven
Cooking a bunt cake in your head

Oh, I like the way
I like the way you smile
Track Name: Flavor
I wanted everything
Now I'm sitting here alone
I can't seem to escape you
No matter how hard I try
So stick your memories in my mouth
And leave me bleeding on the side of the road
Waiting for the good Samaritan
To tell me it's all right to go home
I just wanna go home
Track Name: Johannes the Seducer
I'm the kinda guy
Who looks you in the eye
Tells you that he loves you
And everything will be all right

You're a handsome guy
And I'm a handsome guy
You don't have to feel alone
At least not tonight

And I'll make you pancakes in the morning ;)
Track Name: AR15
Say what you want to
I won't stop you
Call me a piece of shit
Call me a motherfucker

Tell me everything you hate
About me
I'll be at school tomorrow
With my AR-15

So who's the motherfucker now?
Who's the motherfucker now?
Track Name: Ghost Boi
I can see right through you
You're not the man you used to be
No one will talk to you
So instead you haunt their dreams

Ghost boy (ooohhhh)

You're floating in a graveyard
Lookin' down on yourself
You're so full of anger Ghost Boi,
It's time to move on

Track Name: Peter
I don't like the way you look at him
It's not becoming of a nice girl like you
You know what he did to his last three girlfriends?
Or maybe I just know something you don't

Peter is a douchebag

To him you're just a notch in the belt
He'll break your heart the second he gets the chance
But if that day ever comes baby
I'll kill his whole fuckin' family
Track Name: Something About You
I know
Where you go
When it's raining outside
And you're feeling lonesome

Come on in
There's a fire burning
And I don't think
That I'll ever put it out

There's just something about you
There's just something about you
Track Name: Pussy Boi
Pussy Boi, why are you awake?
Little man, it's past your bedtime!
Pussy Boi, I think I'm gonna
Fucking kill you (oooh)

Pussy Boi, Pussy Boi, pull down your pants
Pussy Boi, Pussy Boi, eat some fire ants
Pussy Boi, Pussy Boi, I'm gonna take a chair
And smash it over your fuckin' head

I fucking hate you
Track Name: Salad Days
I remember our salad days
You looked different then but
So did I, and
We would stay up all night in the backyard
Eating pizza and singing songs of pain
We're still friends and I still love you, but
I miss the people we used to be
Track Name: Give It Back
Give it back
I'm not playing
Give it back
I'm not playing this time

Where the fuck
Did you put my keys
I wanna
Go to the mall please
Give it back
Moooooom pleeaaaaseee

I'm not goin' to school tomorrow
I'm not goin' to school tomorrow
I'm not goin' to school tomorrow
You're the worst mom in the world!
(You're not even my real mom)
Track Name: Done
Walk on over
To the other side
I am tired of you
Being mine

Why do you insist
On painting pictures
Of me alone
By the riverside?

I know you're hiding something
Track Name: Jason (Is Gettin' In Trouble Again!!)
Oh, where do you go
When you get caught
Cookin' meth in your backyard
I don't think I'm ever going home

Sorry I'm not sorry mom
That meth was dank as fuck
And I was high for days
Oh yeah, I was high for days
Track Name: Investment Broker Boi
I know
It's not
Where you thought you would be
And I'm sorry

My son,
You're an ambitious one
But demand for brokers is not what it used to be

The market has changed
You see, the market has changed
It's not your fault
Track Name: (Sally is a) Christian Girl
Hey, I'm not that kind of girl
Woah, get those hands off me!

Why do you think I'd
Do something like that?

Oh, it's getting very late
Woah, my mom's expecting me

You seem nice enough enough
But I just don't do that stuff
Track Name: Onion Boi
It's been a long time since you left me
I'm still buried underground
Oh no, I think I fell back down

Don't run away
Stick around
I promise I'll be nice
At least for a while

I'm so lost
I ain't got nowhere to go but backwards
Won't you come back with me?

I'm so lost
Please come home
Track Name: goodddad.mp3
Little son I wanna be the one
Who takes you to school in the morning :D :P -__-